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We believe that preferred shares are scarcely researched in Canada and investors deserve better.


Capitalight Research’s Canadian Preferred Share Research provides full analysis of our investment picks for income investors. CPSR provides three unique products to assist preferred share investors with portfolio management. ​

Preferred Insights provides a deep dive analysis of the investment merits of a company’s preferred shares and includes a common share valuation assessment. The report includes our Canadian Preferred Share buy and avoid list. The Insights publication also includes a quarterly update on the Limited Recourse Capital Notes (LRCN) issued by Canadian financial institutions. 

The monthly Preferred Allocations report outlines the tactical opportunities of portfolio weighting within the Canadian preferred share market compared with Canadian long-dated bonds, REITs and dividend stocks. Additionally, the report makes recommendations as to portfolio weightings by structure of Preferred Share (Perpetual, Rate-Reset, Floating Rate) and by Sector Weights within the Preferred share index (Banks, Insurance, Energy, Utility, Brookfield Companies, Telecom).

The Preferred Allocations ETF report is designed to help investors determine which preferred share ETF is best for them. The report follows 10 ETFs of varying strategies. CPSR determined which ETFs to follow by only selecting funds with $50M in assets under management and larger.

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"In-depth research into both the underlying Preferred issuer/company and the modelling of the value of the dividend stream within the context of 5-year government bond rates and the Preferred’s reset feature. Benefiting from CPSR’s significant deep dive and understanding of the underlying issuer or company. CPSR is an in-depth, extremely high-quality Equity analysis projected onto the issuer’s preferred shares, overlaid with a reset valuation model"

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