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Economic Monitor

About the Economic Monitor

The monthly Economic Monitor is designed to give clients an overview of all aspects of the US and Canadian economies.


The first section provides a topical article and chart-based dive into the current state of the Canadian and US economies. This section includes charts on GDP, employment data, inflation, housing market, and monetary policy. This section also includes our interest rate and exchange rate forecasts.

The second section provides our propriety equity market valuation models which are based on the principles of Benjamin Graham “the father of value-investing”. We model the S&P 500 index and TSX Composite index along with the ten GICS sectors for both indices.

And as part of our service to clients we have interactive dashboards online to aid investors in visualizing and evaluating data. For example, our ESG dashboards includes ESG scores for the companies on the S&P 500 index & the TSX index, along with a sector comparison page.


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Economic Monitor

Economic Monitor

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