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Capitalight Research publishes weekly and monthly subscription-based research focused on commodity prices, Canadian preferred shares, and US and Canadian economies.

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Economic Insights

Published every month

Our Economic Insights report provides a topical article and chart-based dive into the current state of the Canadian and US economies. This report includes charts on GDP, employment data, inflation, housing market, and monetary policy. This section also includes our interest rate and exchange rate forecasts.

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Market Monitor

Published every month

The Market Monitor provides our propriety equity market valuation models which are based on the principles of Benjamin Graham “the father of value-investing”. We model the S&P 500 index and TSX Composite index along with the ten GICS sectors for both indices.

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Gold Monitor

Published every Friday

Capitalight Research’s flagship publication is the internationally read Gold Monitor, which has been published for nearly 40 years.​

The Gold Monitor is quantitative driven with the analysis that only many years of experience of closely monitoring the market can provide. Our analysis integrates the current bullish and bearish factors driving the gold price, then ranks these factors according to the most relevant. Each quarter our team publishes a scenario-based gold price forecast. Without understanding the commodity, investors and companies are left to rise and fall with the tides.

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Silver Monitor

Published every month

The monthly Silver Monitor features deep dive analysis into the underpinnings of the silver market. This publication covers not only silver market supply and demand factors, but also macroeconomic factors and events on the silver price. Past topics have included interest rates, inflation, government policy, recessions, market volatility and the US dollar. We include an updated quarterly scenario-based silver price forecast. 

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Critical Metals

Published every month

The Critical Metals for a Sustainable World includes a detailed assessment of recent copper market developments and an 18-month price forecast. Copper is key for electrification and e-mobility. The report also assesses the outlook for nickel – in increasing demand in high-performance electric vehicle batteries – and the recovery in international lithium prices since late 2020. The recent price surge for 3 of the 17 Rare Earth Elements – neodymium, praseodymium and dysprosium – used in permanent magnets driving electric vehicle motors and for wind turbine generators.

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Phases & Cycles 

Multiple reports published weekly

Phases & Cycles, founded over 30 years ago by Ron Meisels, specializes in independent technical and behavior analysis of North American securities and indices (S&P 500, S&P 100, DOW, S&P/TSX, and TSE Indices). The service provides both short- and long-term oriented investment research to assist money managers, investment advisors and individual investors in their decision making. The analysis provides an early warning, alerting our clients to potential price moves before they occur through the over 200 reports published each year.

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PhD on Demand Service

We do the research, so you don't have to

Capitalight Research also offers customized “PHD-on-demand” research to our clients.  Our most frequent requests include: preparing gold price forecasts with longer time-horizons, preparing Board of Director presentations customized for their region of operation, and preparing shareholder meeting presentations that support the “buy and hold gold and gold equities” thesis.