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Gold Monitor

About the Gold Monitor

Capitalight Research’s flagship publication is the internationally read Gold Monitor, which has been published for nearly 40 years.

The Gold Monitor is quantitative driven with the analysis that only many years of experience of closely monitoring the market can provide. Our analysis integrates the current bullish and bearish factors driving the gold price, then ranks these factors according to the most relevant. Each quarter our team publishes a scenario-based gold price forecast. Without understanding the commodity, investors and companies are left to rise and fall with the tides.

Mining companies and asset managers use our work to inform their own decision making about capital allocation, treasury operations and business risk assessment.

Our research provides decision support for:
  • Development initiatives that need reliable gold price envelopes.
  • Investor Relations Departments to explain the investment case to shareholders.
  • Miners selling gold production.
  • Asset Managers to set capital allocation.
  • CEOs and CFOs to minimize dilution using our Mining Finance Window Index.
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Our insights improve your gold market returns.

Gold Monitor

Gold Monitor

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