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Canadian Stock Pick 

We offer technical analysis on select Canadian stocks from various sectors.

U.S. Stock Pick

We offer technical analysis on select U.S. stocks from various sectors.

Market Comments

We provide analysis on the direction of sectors and indices.

Phases & Cycles Offerings

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Who uses our research:

Our research services, based on behaviour analysis (cyclical, sentiment and technical indicators), are used by a variety of subscribers from:
  • Institutional Clients who wish to compare their fundamental research with our technical conclusions
  • Investment Advisors seeking new ideas to achieve profitable results
  • Individual Investors who are keen on getting more ideas and information about their investments
Products and Services by Phases & Cycles

Research Reports

Actionable and timely investment ideas about the Canadian and U.S. equity markets; to alert clients to potential capital appreciation.


A unique service that allows clients to request assessments of specific securities.


Regular and timely Webinars to inform our clients on market conditions and stock selection.

Market Comments

Address the direction of the sectors and indices and have an excellent track record.  We are famous for our “10,000 in 2000” forecast in 1995, when the DJI was at 3800. 

Canadian & US Stock Reports

Clear, concise and actionable reports on Large, Mid and Small Cap Canadian and U.S. stocks. 

Please see Top Calls for research highlights. 

Investment Ideas

The List of Investment ideas contains all open stock reports, including their up-dated targets, support levels and performance statistics. We monitor these stocks daily and report any change in status.

View our track record

Gary M. Renaud


"As a Portfolio Manager and 25 year student of the markets, knowing that we have access to your incredible wealth of technical expertise provides us a great deal of assistance. Over the years,  you have been an exceptional resource and we greatly appreciate your on-going, timely market and individual security analysis reports."

Richart Hart

3Macs Ltd.

"Phases and Cycles has helped me immensely in making money for my clients and as important, has saved my clients money in their excellent chart work. I seldom make a move without consulting their technical wisdom. They provide a most important investment tool."

John W Case

BMO Nesbitt Burns

"Thanks to you for many great money making ideas over the years!!"


Why investors choose Phases & Cycles

About Phases & Cycles

Phases & Cycles specializes in independent technical and behavior analysis of North American securities and indices (S&P 500, S&P 100, DOW, S&P/TSX, and TSE Indices).

We provide both short- and long-term oriented investment research to assist money managers, investment advisors and individual investors in their decision making. These unique reports reach more than 1000 users.

Our analysts strive to deliver innovative, actionable and timely research. We believe that our services provide an early warning, alerting our clients to potential price moves before they occur. We publish over 200 reports per year.

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