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About the Silver Monitor

The monthly Silver Monitor features deep dive analysis into the underpinnings of the silver market. This publication covers not only silver market supply and demand factors, but also macroeconomic factors and events on the silver price. Past topics have included interest rates, inflation, government policy, recessions, market volatility and the US dollar. We include an updated quarterly scenario-based silver price forecast. 

We also provide analysis on silver producer trends and have created the Capitalight Top 20 Silver Producers Index and the Primary Silver Producers Index. Past articles have covered trends with silver mine producing firms including industry concentration, financial performance and stability, and implications with operating conditions due to changing ore grades.   

Silver Linings Webinar

The monthly Silver Monitor provides in-depth analysis on Silver price and silver equity trends and outlook. Watch the webinar to hear more from Dr. Tom Brady and Chantelle Schieven on our silver market analysis and outlook.

Silver Monitor

View Dr. Tom Brady's presentation slides Review & Outlook for Precious Metal Miners from the Steel, Metals and Mining Week on March 26, 2021
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Silver Monitor

Silver Monitor

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